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An Evening Walk Around Dubai Marina

A couple of nights ago I walked, jogged and crawled around the Dubai Marina Promenade. All of it. I wore shorts, a tee shirt and trainers. Well before my excursion ended I was dripping with perspiration. We are, after all, in the midst of the Dubai Summer when night time temperatures seldom get much below 32°C (90°F). Through my sweat-soaked glasses the incredible architecture and amazing lighting of the Marina made for a wonderful journey.

The Dubai Promenade makes for a brilliant walk.

There are 200 restaurants along the Dubai Marina and I passed each and every one by. I’m currently on a diet and evening meals are off the menu. Mind you, I doubt too many of those great eateries would have wanted my soaking wet carcass contaminating their fine establishments so it all worked out in the end.

Skyscrapers everywhere!

There are basically two sides to the Promenade, the North and the South. The North side is nearest to the sea, the South side is next to the main roads and the Metro. The North side was very quiet with hardly any pedestrian traffic. The South side was absolutely hopping with families, couples, go-carts, golf-carts and joggers/walkers, at least one of which was a sweat-soaked, bald, middle-aged real estate guy. You do have to watch out for the occasional roller-blading fanatic. They’re often a little crazy-eyed, fearing for their own safety, and they’re almost always clad in knee-pads, helmets, and elbow pads.  So, rest assured, if they smash-crash-bang into you during your Dubai Marina stroll they’ll be fine. As far as your humble correspondent is concerned the best place in Dubai for wide-eyed roller-blading speedsters is a sandy beach.

Incredible Dubai Marina

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